Robert Dinnie, Donald's Father is said to have lifted and carried the stones according to Dinnie's own account.

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Do you want to start training to take on the Dinnie Stones? If so you'll need a good set of accurate training rings / loading pins to give yourself the best chance of success.

With Dinnie Stones attempts opening up again and the Gathering back to full strength I've noticed more and more lifters starting to train for them. To do this you definitely need the right equipment to train on. Accurate training rings will absolutely give you the best chance of success. Unfortunately we've already seen athletes make the pilgrimage to Potarch only to fail because they haven't been using the correct training equipment. None of us want to see this happen to anyone. The news is good though! Based on what I've seen and tried, there are 2 sets out there that are perfect for the job from Gordon Ingram at Scottish Stone & Steel and Cerberus Strength  

Both sets are beautifully made and the look and feel is fantastic. When you come to tackle the real thing everything will feel right!

You can contact Gordon Ingram via his Facebook or Instragram accounts by clicking on either of the icons below or you can email him at:

Good luck and tell him we sent you ;)

You can contact Cerberus Strength via their Facebook or Instragram by clicking on either of the icons below: You can also link stright to the pins by clicking on the link below.

Cerberus Dinnie Stones Training Rings

Good luck and tell them we sent you ;)

If you wish to contact us about setting up a date for attempting the Dinnie Stones please visit the Set Up Your Lift page

Thine very truly D Dinnie

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